Incentives in Call Center Units

Published: 07th March 2011
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Call center units are high-octane work environments. In these call centers, the employees have to face up to challenges on a regular basis. Stress and strenuous work hours are a part of the job. The agents have to be aware of what they are getting into before they decide to join an outsourcing call center. Even then, the management of the outsourcing call centers has a responsibility to life the sagging morale of the agents after a hard day’s work. Motivation is the key that keeps the mechanism of a call center in motion. Employees can be motivated through a number of ways. Some of these methods need investments of finance from the management. Though it is wrong to assume that money is the only motivating factor in call centers, it cannot be denied that it does play an important role when offered in the form of incentives.

The use of incentives can be a driving force for the call center agents, especially in the outbound call center department. The management of the call centers can offer incentives for agents who work beyond their designated frameworks. These incentives are like rewards for the agents on a job well done. The agents have to meet and exceed the expectations that the management has entrusted them with. Incentives at the outsourcing call centers serve multiple purposes. Other than rewarding the agent who does exceptionally well, the others in the call center are motivated to work for a similar reward. The other agents of the same group will feel encouraged to work harder for the incentives. But the management of the call center outsourcing units has to be careful about keeping the incentives strictly as a healthy motivational exercise. It must not be something that shoots off unhealthy comparisons and rivalry between peers on the same work floor.

The basic way to avoid that is to keep a transparent appraisal system at the call center desk. The managements of the call centers have to understand that closed door meetings to decide on the incentive will always be accepted with a pinch of salt. Agents who are awarded will be looked upon skeptically as results of favoritism or bias. Such feelings towards the outsourcing call centers will not translate into a motivational drive. In fact, it will take your call center services spiraling down. There must be a fair grading system for the agents. For example, the inbound call center team can allow the callers to grade the agents. If you keep a mark of these surveys, you can find out who’s doing a better job. Because the ratings are being given by anonymous callers, the agents will not feel that they have been slighted.

Incentives are investments for the call center units. But they are necessary. If the call centers don’t have the budget to offer monetary rewards, they can go for other ways of providing incentives. A trip to a training session, additional knowledge on certain professional requirements, therapy sessions etc. are wonderful ways that can act as incentives.

Our call center units offer incentives and perks to deserving agents. We have a transparent process of grading and evaluating employees in our call centers.

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